Pizzeria Il Padellino

Pizzeria Il Padellino
Amici Miei srl
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Valchromat and raw steel dominat the walls, while the burnt shade of the floors contrast with the warm shade of the copper: Il Padellino welcomes pizza lovers with a spectacular view of the hi-tech kitchen standing behind a glass wall.
The bar counter is set in a copper cage, direcltly behind, in a second cage stands the majestic oven and work bench for the pizza chef.
The premises is divided into two rooms (roughtly 150 sq. Mts); the front faces the street, with tables in unfinished wood; the second, towards Via Revel, with more classical tables and a long bench covered in leather at the back of the room.
The walls, designed by Stefano Cerruti (BSA) in collaboration with Corrado Castiglioni, are, in fact, really installations concealing the works of Corrado Bonomi and Stefano Ricci.
The walls, made from a special copper coloured fabric, are transformed into screens which once illuminated (and it is the public that can do so by pushing a large red switch beside the table) become transparent and reveal the paintings of the two artists.
Another amusing element: a sort of track that runs around the oven, and a train that carries the ingredients (imitation) that flavour the pizza.
These unusual approaches, between tradition and innovation, add interest to the ambiance, and help to enliven the surroundings that are both pleasing and welcoming.