Emporio Sicomoro

Emporio Sicomoro
Sicco 2004 srl
Construction management: 

The project initiated from the instinctive desire to re-examine the concept of “ The old style Emporium”, and to continue this trend started in 2003 with the Ristorante Sicomoro which would combine the restaurant activity with the distinctive architectural and design features, continued over the years with the Opificio di Rivoli and La Rotonda of the Turin Exposition.
The area, designed by BSA, BottegaStudioArchetetti, is divided into three parts: two interconnected rooms for display, and a sort of rear space for the display of spices where the products are prepared.
The two main rooms are connected (intentionally and visually) by two steel tracks imbedded in the floor, which permit the the movement of four sliding doors which can determine the limits of the exhibition areas.
Close by the entrance there is a wall composed of mineral water; a display cabinet in black waxed Velchromat ( the same material used for the floors and counters ), composed of 50 shelves to display the same number of bottles, lighted by 50 Leds in white light, with interior wiring in each shelf.
One hundred and twenty Leds, wired within the shelves, illuminate more than 1000 of the eno-gastronomical products offered by the Emporio: while the flanks in structural glass support the weight of the shelves in Velchromat as well as the produce exhibited, as well as supporting the rails and doors that slide on them.
Beyond the central area one encounters the built in refrigorators, which can be set at three different temperatures, regulated by three motors set at a distance. Internal fans ensure the temperature is maintained at constant levels in the seven full height, glassed in comparments, specially designed (height 260 x length 70 cms.), which keep all the produce fresh. A wall lining in sheet aluminium, installed along the fridge wall, allows allows the electrical and climatising plant to be installed without damaging the outside walls of this historic building which houses the Emporio.
The sedate decor, “tone on tone” of the ?oor, will reveal to a wakeful eye a map of the world imprinted on the slabs of Velchromat of which the floor is composed.
Four vertical panels in tempered glass provide a concession to photography, in which can be read in different rooms, quotations from Oscar Wilde, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Vassily Kandinsky, and Jim Morrison.